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Merry Christmas :D

2010-12-25 20:12:05 by ForeverJustTonight

Hope you all had a Great Christmas! Remember to Check us out on youtube too! tTonight?feature=mhum


2010-12-24 21:06:12 by ForeverJustTonight

We have a youtube page now. Just go to youtube and type foreverjusttonight and we should be the first. peace :D



2010-12-20 21:50:56 by ForeverJustTonight

Our new song "Reality" seems to be doing well, leave reviews and tell us what you think we could do to make it Great! Thanks!


2010-12-08 17:44:06 by ForeverJustTonight

made a really nice piano part. gonna make some beats and some background to it to spice it up. so hopefully i'll get it out before break! It'll be all of our 1 fans christmas present! ha. Nah just kiddin. But really though, i think this piece is really really nice and im sure i can do a lot with it. Cant wait till we release it! Hope ya'll look forward to it as much as we!


Better Feedback on Demo?!

2010-12-06 20:31:04 by ForeverJustTonight

Our demo seems to be bigger than our final version of "Take My Hand". We have noticed that some people are voting 0-5 on our final song. Maybe that is because you dont like it or maybe it just isnt our best. But, we would gladly appreciate it if you would let us know what the matter is. We will try to fix it. Thanks!


More Demos

2010-12-03 21:46:36 by ForeverJustTonight

Before we make each song, we want to put demos out to see if people will enjoy them. We have good feedback from "Take My Hand" therefore we are going to make it a full song. It needs some minor tweaks but that should be no problem. Got my first FL song on there too so you guys should check it out haha. Its "RFS". It stands for Reece's First Song haha. Anyway, we are new but promising so give us some time to improve, im sure we will. Thanks!!